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Privacy Policy

We limit ourselves to storing the smallest amount of user data that we need to create a seamless experience. This data includes:

  • your handle/username
  • your email
  • your name (optional)
  • your website URL (optional)
  • browser push notification credentials
  • users you added & blocked (to populate your contacts when you log in)
  • shortened URLs & their short code (only for the past 7 days)
  • access logs (only for the past 7 days)

Note: We do not store your slaps or recipients of the contents of any slap. We do store the last date you slapped or received a slap from anyone and use it to sort the contacts on your home page.

We also use Cabin Analytics to track aggregated usage statistics to improve our service.

The makers of Slap have no intention of using personally or selling any of the above-mentioned data.

The users of the service are fully responsible for whatever they share using and might be held accountable for any illegal material (including links to 3rd party websites with illegal content) submitted to Slap.

For any queries, you can contact us through email.